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Fundación AL.F.A. (Alumni Foundation de Argentina)

Our mission is to capitalize on the academic and work experience of the Argentine Alumni from foreign universities in the benefit of the country.

Benefits for the corporate sector

Top-of-the-line executives for your   organization.

Exposure of companies and products among   Alumni.

Business possibilities with Alumni, companies   and the world.

Research by highly-qualified Alumni living in   Argentina or abroad.

Benefits for the academic sector

Marketing of different programs at foreign   universities.

Academic exchange among local and   international institutions and Alumni.

Benefits for study abroad candidates

First-class information about the application   process.

Summer jobs for students.

Counseling with Alumni who have personal   experience at foreign universities.

Benefits for Alumni

Different Networking events with academic,   socio-cultural and professional focus.

Alliances between Alumni and companies for   business development.

Employment in the corporate, government or   academic sector.

Exposure of Alumni through publication of   papers and journals.


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